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Beautiful Steps #10, Lang/Baumann, Casino Luxembourg

Jenny Moore - Feminism for Humans - Charismatic Megafauna


Radical Innovation Awards  -  HiveInn


Blow-Up, Albertina, Wien

Peter Baum, 21er Haus, Wien

soma arcchitecture - Immanent Elasticity, MAK, Wien + Neue Räume im Kellergeschoß

"hacking" Kunsthalle Wien "Guerilla Performance"

The unique guerrilla performance "Attention Economy 2" was a public statement addressed to Kunsthalle Wien (Vienna/ AT) on May 17th, 2014.

"It was conceived as a response to the Kunsthalle Wien exhibition “Attention Economy”, which was clearly a direct imitation of the artistic concept of our poster campaign." TOSHAIN / CEEH